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The Wilson series of welding curtains help create a customized space designated specifically for welding operations.  It helps protect bystanders from hazardous infrared and ultra violet radiation.  It also helps keep increased temperatures and fumes confined to certain areas.  

The Wilson series of Welding Curtains and High-Temperature Fabrics by Jackson Safety has made significant contributions to advancing industrial barrier protection since the 1950s, and has been recognized for originating the first transparent form of barrier welding protection.

Why choose orange?

  • Filters 100% of far/near U.V. radiation and blue light
  • Arc image dispersed throughout the curtain
  • Puts light back into the welding booth
  • For low to high amperage

Why choose gold?

  • Stops far/near U.V. radiation
  • Excellent blue light protection
  • Arc image dispersed throughout the curtain
  • Allows supervision and a bright working environment

Why choose green?

  • Stops far U.V. radiation
  • Good blue light protection
  • Decreases total light from welding arc
  • Good visibility into higher amperage welding areas
  • For medium to medium high amperage in electric arc welding

 See-Thru Welding Curtain 
 See-Thru Welding Curtain 
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