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SureWerx Welding Helmet Claim Form

Has Customer Attempted all troubleshooting methods listed below?

  • Adjust Sensitivity and delay (turn all the way up on BH3 & SmarTIGer to start, turn to 0 for all other models; if issues persist, tryadjusting Sensitivity and delay on helmet at a 2:1 ratio)
  • Replace External & Internal Safety plates
  • Replace batteries
  • Check and clear helmet sensors from slag
  • On Solar Helmets, Store helmet in brightly lit place, face sun outdoors 2-4 hours

If problems still persist after troubleshooting, submit this form to Customer will be notified when replacement product is being sent. We ask that customer submits any faulty product to our headquarters for further evaluation: Attn: Quality Assurance, 300 Corporate Ave, Elgin IL, 60123