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About Us

Co-headquartered in Elgin, Illinois USA and Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, SureWerx™ is a leading supplier of safety products, tools, and equipment servicing professional markets including safety, industrial, construction, heavy duty, and the automotive aftermarket. SureWerx™ provides one of the widest ranges of industry leading products under many exceptional corporate brands including:

Tools & Equipment USA brands:

  • American Forge&Foundry®

Tools & Equipment Canada brands:

  • ITC®
  • JET®
  • Strongarm®

Safety Products USA brands:

  • Jackson Safety®
  • KneePro
  • PeakWorks®
  • Pioneer®
  • Sellstrom®

Safety Products Canada brands:

  • Jackson Safety®
  • KneePro
  • PeakWorks®
  • Pioneer®
  • Ranpro®
  • Sellstrom®

Our professional “One-Source” product portfolio includes: hand tools, tool storage, shop equipment, lube/fluid transfer, air tools material handling, hydraulic lifting equipment, lighting, abrasives and cutting tools, Hi-Vis safety apparel, FR safety apparel, rain wear, work wear, work boots, PPE and fall protection products.

In 2000, SureWerx made its first acquisition in the U.S., American Forge & Foundry (AFF) based in Albany New York. This became the base of operations for our U.S. tool business, and over the past 16 years, AFF has grown to become a leader in hydraulic lifting products to the professional automotive, tire and heavy duty markets.

In November of 2015 SureWerx acquired the Sellstrom Manufacturing Co., a 93 year old PPE and welding safety brand based in Schaumburg, Illinois. This acquisition is perfectly aligned with our corporate strategy to expand into the U.S. safety market.

Sellstrom provides SureWerx the opportunity to not only expand their existing PPE and welding safety portfolio, but further provides a platform in which to pull our Canadian safety brands into the U.S.

Our goal is to become a complete “One-Source” supplier of tool and safety products in North America, and to this end we continue to search for complimentary brands to acquire. In June of 2016, we successfully acquired KP Industries, the designer and manufacturer of KneePro, the world’s best knee and elbow protection products based in Michigan. This business has now been fully integrated into our Sellstrom operations in Illinois.

Since November 2015, we have been working diligently to achieve our “One-Source” strategy. We are very excited then to present this catalog that showcases the first of many steps we will be taking towards achieving this goal. In this catalog you will find a broadly expanded Sellstrom PPE portfolio, including a completely revamped safety glass program, several new face shields and goggles, the addition of a complete line of hearing protection as well as the full range of KneePro knee pads and ArmorGard elbow pads.

Also included in this catalog is our full line, highly competitive PeakWorks fall protection portfolio, a wide range of Pioneer Hi-Viz safety apparel products and our premium Ranpro polyurethane safety boots. These line additions are the first of many new product initiatives that will be introduced into the U.S. over the next couple of years.

We are passionate about the safety and productivity of the North American worker. By supplying only the highest quality, solution based and innovative products and brands, we have earned their trust time and again. Our brands offer workers the peace of mind they need to take on any job, large or small.


For nearly a century, professional workers in all walks of life have demanded Jackson Safety® for their welding and personal protective equipment needs. The reason is simple. When it comes to providing innovative safety solutions, unparalleled features, long-lasting value, and comfort, Jackson Safety® has set the standard. Whether the need is for welding protection in a steel fabrication environment, head protection on a construction site, or hearing protection at an airport, Jackson Safety® provides the widest range of safety choices to meet the needs of every job and every worker.

Jackson Safety® products are tested to meet or exceed the rigorous standards for quality and safety performance including OSHA, ASTM, CSA, CE, and NIOSH. Additionally, these standards are applied in our own in-house and fully accredited test lab to ensure that all SureWerx safety products meet or exceed these critical industry standards.

In 2019, Jackson Safety® was acquired by SureWerx, and has now joined our growing family of respected safety brands. Headquartered in Elgin, IL, USA and Coquitlam, B.C. Canada, the SureWerx U.S. family of brands include: Sellstrom® (PPE and Welding Safety Products,) PeakWorks® (Fall Protection,) Pioneer® (Hi-Viz and Technical Safety Apparel,) KneePro (Knee and Elbow Protection,) and American Forge & Foundry® (Hydraulic Lifting Solutions.) As part of the Jackson Safety® portfolio, SureWerx also acquired the Wilson®, Balder®, and Curv-O-Mark® brands.


Founded in 1923 and based in Illinois, Sellstrom Manufacturing Co., is one of the oldest American brands of safety products. Almost 100 years ago, Sellstrom originally focused on developing innovative products for the welding industry. Today Sellstrom offers a comprehensive range of PPE safety products including: face shields; safety glasses; safety goggles; eyewash; hearing protection; head protection; welding helmets; ADF’s; welding curtains; welding blankets. Sellstrom is also America’s leading provider of Germicidal cabinets widely used in the educational and medical industries for eyewear and goggles sanitization.

Sellstrom products are tested to, and meet all of the rigorous standards for quality and safety performance as required by the various standards organizations for each of its products. These standards can include ANSI, OSHA, CSA, CE, ASTM depending on the product involved.

But we don’t stop there. Unlike many competitors, we further ensure the quality and safety of our products by managing our own in-house, fully accredited test lab which carefully tests and monitors all products flowing through to our customers.

So when you want peace of mind in the workplace – think Sellstrom!


Established in 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario, PeakWorks is a full service fall protection provider with 100% safety focus. Passionate about providing workers-atheight peace of mind, PeakWorks team of engineers not only know and understand industry standards, they help develop them. As active members of both the ANSI and CSA standards committees, they are committed to providing the safest and most advanced fall protection products in the industry.

The PeakWorks product portfolio includes: harnesses; belts; lanyards; retractable horizontal lifelines; SRL’s (including the world’s most advanced SRL’s certified to the new ANSI Leading Edge standard); roofing kits; ropes; grabs; lifelines; anchorage connectors; confined space kits; rescue products. All products that fall under the ANSI and/or CSA 2015 standards have been third party certified to those standards.

The full range of PeakWorks products can be found in this catalog and are now available through our Sellstrom operations in Illinois.


Established in 1887 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pioneer is one of the oldest surviving brands in Western Canada. For over 125 years, Pioneer has been designing and providing high quality, durable outerwear to professional workers across Canada. Coming from the rain capital of North America, we know how to build protective clothing that stays dry, is comfortable, safe and stands up to the toughest and harshest weather extremes.

The Pioneer portfolio is extremely wide ranging and includes: Hi-Viz safety apparel; traffic safety apparel; flame resistant apparel; arc flash apparel; workwear; rainwear; footwear; welding apparel.

Pioneer products featured in this U.S. catalog include a comprehensive range of popular Hi-Viz and FR rated safety apparel items. These products incorporate our outstanding in-house designed quality features, but have been modified and tested to meet all U.S. safety standard requirements. Over the next couple of years, we will be aggressively expanding the Pioneer line into the U.S.

Download the Pioneer Sizing Chart here


Established in 1990, KP Industries is the original designer and manufacturer of the now famous KneePro series of knee pads, sold extensively in the U.S. and around the globe. The KneePro Ultra Flex III knee pad is regarded as one of the best knee pads in the market, incorporating superior design features and functionality that provide outstanding comfort, fit, durability and safety to users in a wide range of applications. The unique, articulating hinge results in a jointed knee pad that stays in place. The exclusive Grip Strip front pad provides added comfort and non-slip characteristics on many surfaces. It is now also available using an advanced, extra thick Gel pack incorporated into an extra thick ¾” closed cell foam pad. Talk about comfort – our Hybrid Ultra Flex III is the ultimate in knee protection!

KP Industries also offers other knee pads including the ZeroGravity ultra-lightweight product and an industry leading elbow pad under the ArmorPro brand.

In June of 2016, SureWerx acquired KP Industries and has fully integrated this great product line into our Sellstrom operations in Illinois. This product is prominently featured in this catalog and is readily available to our customer base across North America by calling Sellstrom.